His heist was absolutely brilliant! And NEO-G edited quite an exciting movie of the event, which I'll include in Cork Screw's announcement to the Alliance, and I'll distribute it to the worldwide media. Such an embarrassing event will erode public support of the Alliance.

And welcome again my minions to my blog, at 1630hrs May 3rd, 2015 Cork Screw launch a contingent of 11 Destroyer Bots, and 3,500 Flyers against the Naval Research Station, Norfolk. Four Heroes of the Hero Alliance, and several hundred Navy, and Marine personnel engaged our forces. The attack was a monumental success! The first lost incurred to the Alliance in thirty years! Only 1 Destroyer Bot, and 2034 Flyers were lost, and we successfully captured a Naval Rail Gun, called XEMPC, the procured weapon will help greatly toward our goal of a better future! With the further erosion of public trust in both the US Military, and The Hero Alliance, these events will make way for the second phase of our tomorrow!

NEO-G's Action Video

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