Phase 1 is complete, now the most delicate Phase 2 begins. Years ago while I was preparing to begin my master plan, I toke over a failing technology company, I revitalized the organization and attracted the best-of-the-best programers and hardware engineers, now it controls 45% of it's industry. Of course no one outside of industry insiders know that my company's motherboards, chips, and embedded OSs run everything from PCs to DVRs to Car Navigation Systems. My point in all this is that I have ample funds to setup and embed my underlings into the political arena. You will be surprised how little you need to buy all but the most zealous politician. War Eagle's underground network reaches nearly every level in law enforcement and politics, and now I'll use those contacts to put my people into the fore front of power.

My first embed is the rather stunning Tania Hill, Battle Phage's top trainee, she's quite literally killer. I have been coaching her for the last few weeks now on the details of the plan. California has been struggling for last 20 years to stay in the black, the state also has much resources and a large influence in the senate due to it's large population base. Tania will run for Governor under a Tea Party banner, and WILL win, because I will fix things and get the results she'll promise. Some would say, just fix the election, it is the fast route, but any doubt of legitimacy would jeopardize further advancement up the political ranks. Her running mates are typical, opportunist politicians, and will find a lost is not as bad as it seems. In fact it'll be very comfortable indeed, of course once under control they will serve my purposes or a rather nasty scandal will surface.

This Phase will probably be the most difficult for me, I despise dirty politicians, and bedding with them will be trying indeed. Some might think that contradictory, to use the very methods they use to get my ends, a thief can be trusted to be a thief, but politicians play both sides and betray at a drop of a hat. That is why I must put trusted people in the most powerful positions by any means necessary, and play the game till I can tear it down. So I await for that day and bear the burden.