A glorious day indeed! Today Tania Hill is officially Governor of California, and now work can begin. I'll transform California into our flag ship so to speak. If we succeed here, the others will fall in line, and a senate promotion in four years for miss Hill. Her first order of business is the formation of an elite investigation branch for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement California Branch, the stated purpose is finding and tracking of illegal transports of arms, drugs, and persons across the California/Mexico border. In reality, the division will seal the border from any and all illegal traffic by all means.

Dismantling all unapproved dealings to and from Mexico, and quietly deporting all undocumented persons from the U.S. This will bring our beautiful young governor to legendary status in the political arena, and the political and civil unrest within Mexico in the last few years will play right into my hands. I may have to stir the hornets nest there if things get into public light, and how I loath the political correctness of my country, but fear from across the border will quench any political opposition.

Once I succeed, and I will, all of the southern states will line up to do similar programs, and of course I'll be there, as CEO of my technology company I can place myself in opportune circumstances to where I'll lead in border security technologies, and with War Eagle's in charge of several private security contractors, supplemental border security as well. More Americans will get jobs, feel safer, and I'll have a solid foothold to move forward to my goal.