Apollo watched the news in horror as the news anchor spoke, "...It is unbelievable, we have confirmed, a low-yield nuclear device has been detonated in downtown San Luis Colorado, Mexico. I repeat a nuclear weapon has been detonated in Mexico..." The anchor stood in front of the Tijuana border crossing, "...Our Arizona affiliate have just received amateur footage of the detonation..." The scene changed to shaky video of a bunch of teenagers joking round a camp fire when a brilliant flash ignited the horizon, and a fiery mushroom cloud rising in the distance. The teens swore un-edited as they looked on in horror, a second later the blast hit them and the camera shook and sand shifted, the scene changed to the news desk, "We apologize for the language in that video, we too are in shock, and of course we will keep all of you informed as the situation un-folds. We go now to California Governor, Tania Hill." The governess looked somber as she stood before the press and the California seal behind her, "My fellow Californians, members of the press, ladies, and gentlemen. First I give my condolences to the victims families of this heinous act of violence and devastation. The use of nuclear weapons is, in my judgement, unforgivable. The Cartel War can no longer be a secondary priority to this country, and I implore the President, and Congress to take immediate steps to ensure the safety and security of The United States, and declare the drug cartels, officially, terrorist organizations. As of now, the border between Mexico and California is closed. I have asked Californian National Guard Units to deploy, in-force, to seal and secure the Mexican border. All local and state governments are at full alert, and as of now I am declaring a state of emergency in the counties on our southern border. I want to assure Californians that I will not declare marshal law, and no such decision will be considered at this time. In saying that, I will keep California safe and secure to my utmost ability, and keep you all informed. There will be no questions at this time, and once I have read the details of the investigation of this terrorist act another press conference will be scheduled and at that time I will take questions, but until then I ask that we all stay calm and give prayer to the victims of this tragedy, thank you."

Apollo sank in the couch, Sakura, Fist, and others gathered around the screen as aerial video of the epicenter was shown, the crater was cracked obsidian and buildings were leveled for a block from the 500ft diameter scar, Mexican troops in HAZ-MAT gear survey the damage as black-hawk helicopters circle over head. "Why didn't we see this coming?" Apollo blurted out, still in shock of it all. "That's a good question," Argo's voice said coolly as everyone turned, "the cartels have never tried to acquire such weapons before, why kill potential customers?" Apollo thought for a moment, "Sniper, you have been there before right?" He nodded, "Yes, once. Cartels use small towns like that for production, since almost all of the town's people are so desperate for work they don't care that they make drugs, so they won't tell anyone snooping around. San Luis however, has been shot up so much the town's people have long-ago ran or got killed in crossfire. It's on the edge of the desert, and a prime spot to smuggle product into the U.S. so control of San Luis is control of a major smuggling line."

"But would a cartel use a nuke?" Apollo asked, and Sniper thought for a moment, "It's possible, a small yield bomb like that isn't hard to put together with the government so corrupt, a cartel could easily acquire a small amount of fissionable material from processing a fresh fuel-rod from a nuclear power plant, but something doesn't add up." Apollo stared at Sniper confused, "What do you mean?" He looked back at Apollo coolly, "The report says that there isn't too much radiation, which suggests a hydrogen bomb, which is far more difficult to construct. Only a PhD nuclear physicists would know how to make one, and they are closely monitored by Homeland Security." Apollo gave a look of horror as he realized something, "How bout a genius super-villain?"