Daily log, May 4th, I have successfully procured the Navy's XEMPC, or Experimental Electro-Magnetic Pulse Cannon, an archaic name, no flash or presence. What a joy it was to see four mighty heroes struggle in vain against my mighty children! They did get two of my destroyers, but the other ten succeeded by there sacrifice, Shadow did order me to make the raid short, to much at stake, many more preparations are required to secure the base. So I didn't have time to relish in my triumph, but patience is a virtue, I'll record my gloating in the speech. Shadow wants me to distract the alliance with a recorded announcement. An easy task, a fun one too.

My analysts of the weapon was disappointing, overly bulky, too inefficient, so I strewn the components across my lab with the care of a gorilla, I nearly hit Battle Phage with an inductor coil in my dissemblance. In the wonderful chaos Newbton, my oldest penguin-bot, stole a vital control chip! I chased the ungrateful mechanical ingrate half the afternoon! I finally caught it and pressed his sleep button, but not before he swallowed the chip, which forced me to operate to retrieve it, to the horror of the other pet's who shivered in the corners of the lab. The AIs of my pets are remarkable, even I'm surprised in the brilliance of the realism in the emotions they portray at times. The longer they operate the more complex emotions they simulate, Talon tells me constantly how they "creep him out" I just smile. The monkey-bots are fascinated of Talon, they sit for hours staring at him, mimicking him at times, though they could also be assessing him as a threat. I must remind Talon not to attack them, Shadow won't like his close colleague in pieces, of course the monkey-bots could only be curious of some aspect of his appearance.

Speaking of our benevolent leader, my impression of the man is that he demands respect, not so much in words, but in presence. Even when he waltzed into my lair to recruit me he oozed respect, and his fighting skill is superb, ever since they faced him in the arena my penguin-bots still fear him, almost irrationally, if such thing can be possible in one of my creations, despite my brilliance I am still far from perfection. An aspect of my frail body of flesh I hope to upgrade one day. Shadow's goals of a better world is near to my own goal of perfection. That's why I follow him I think, and the fun of the journey of course.  Anyway I used the XEMPC parts to upgrade my destroyer's main particle laser, and designed my own, far more efficient Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapon for the base defenses. What a shame, the Navy's far from what they used to be technology wise, I almost feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to face my children... Almost.