Shadow watched the news reports on the mian screen smiling, the world was a buzz about Tier Zero, and it's mission to effectively replace the Hero Alliance. T.Z. will take over all investigations into the activities of every hero with all the veracity of a Salem Witch Hunt. Oh how marvelous the sight of the befuddled Heroes!  Now we move, now we strike! "Neo, give Talon the green light." Neo-G smirked, "Yes sir." she punched a command sequence, "Nest to Talon, your a go..."

Talon sat in an armored vehicle, his strike team armed and poised. "...I repeat, your a go." Talon nodded, "Rodger Nest, Proceeding as planed." He turned to his team, "We're a go! Let's move!" The team rose and flung the rear doors open. The team ran from the Tier Zero armored striker vehicle. Along with three other teams as they marched up the steps of the Hero Alliance Hall, weapons raised  and into the cavernous foyer. An aid screamed as the armed men stormed in and flung her to the floor, zip ting her hands behind her back, the receptionist pressed the silent alarms just before she too was restrained  Civilian staff scattered as one by one they were thrown to the ground and restrained by the fully armed soldiers. 

Apollo rushed into the foyer with Sakura as Talon walked in the building  "What's the meaning of this! Who are you!" Apollo demanded, Talon displayed the Congressional Order in plain view, "By order of the Congress and the President of The United States the Hero Alliance is to here by disband  all records are to be seized for criminal review by the Senate Judiciary Committee  and all personnel to halt all operations and summit to questioning!" Apollo was dumbfounded as Sakura spun up her ninja stars, "Like hell we are!" She shouted as she let loose the weapons, Talon ducked one and twisted around another, he brought his weapon to bear and fired a stun round witch she dodged as she charged and unsheathed her sword, moments before she could bring it to strike, she was hit by 15 stun rounds by Talon's guards. She convulsed as the rounds arced electricity across her body shorting out her nervous system as three guards held her down and zipped tied her hands and feet together. Apollo watched stunned at the ease at which they subdued her and at the audacity of the attack. "I hope you'll be more cooperative Apollo," Talon said as Apollo stared at the strike team commander, he nodded as he came around and zipped tied his hands behind his back.
Talon grabbed his arm, "You won't get away with this," Apollo warned, "the public won't stand for it." Talon shoved him forward, "Not only will they stand for it," Talon lend close to his ear, "they will cheer us." he said as he led Apollo out of the hall on toward a waiting armored striker. The press had already gathered, shining bright camera lights and microphones in Apollo's face shouting questions. "What is your reactions!", "Are the allegations true!", "What will be the council's response? Will they attack U.S. personnel?" Apollo just walked not saying a word, he got a glimpse behind the throng of reporters to see protesters  one sign read, 'Heroes destroyed my home, Heroes go home!' and he saw citizens mocking and jeering as he and a line of civilian aids and other heroes were marched to armored buses and vehicles. Behind him Sakura struggled as two TZ troops carried her by her bound feet and hands, "What's wrong with you! How many times have we saved you?!" she screamed at the protesters as an empty soda can struck her face along with a, "Shut up freak!" from a man in the crowd.

Sakura was stunned, and stopped flailing as she was unceremoniously flung into the striker along with Apollo and several civilian workers slamming the rear hatch behind her. She worked her way from the floor to sitting beside Apollo. After several minutes of silence she turned to him, "Is this how they repay us for sacrificing for them? For saving them?" she said almost in tears. Apollo laied his head on hers and she began to weep. 

The convoy of buses and striker combat vehicles drove away as dozens of TZ and FBI personnel walked into the hall and dozens more marched out with boxes of evidence and records. As the crowd of protesters cheered them on and news crews recorded every detail in HD clarity. As Shadow watched with a smile ear-to-ear, "Now we begin Phase Three." he said and Neo-G replied with a yes sir, as she continued her work.