Tania fiddled with the tiny foam sphere of her wireless microphone back-stage of the theater that served as the stage of her keynote speech. It's been 6 months since she joined the advisory council, laying the ground work and working out the training syllabus necessary for new operatives for the black ops agency, being officially code-named "Tier Zero", but she called it internally the "Delilah Project" she smirked as she thought about it, the woman who robbed Samson his unmatched strength, just like i'm going to rob the Alliance of it's power.

The host announced her and she toke a deep breath and put on her "public face", a warm smile crossed her lips, her lipstick a subtle pink, small stud ear-rings, a tasteful and plain gold necklace round her neck, a light colored conservative cut blouse with just the right number of buttons unhooked to be mildly provocative,  and a dark professional styled knee length skirt topped offed with "comfortable" heels. As the crowd applauded she walked up the the host speaker with confident grace,  she greeted him with practiced a thank you and a polite hug, she then turned to the enthusiastic crowd and blew a kiss as she took the podium. "Thank you! Thank you!" she motioned for quiet, and continued as the clapping petered out and the audience toke their seats, "Thank you all for coming today, and thank you Senator for the lovely introduction." She fiddled with her notes and composted herself as a short applause made it's rounds across the packed theater, "It's a blessing and an honor to speak at this year's GOP Convention, the last year in a half have tested this nation in ways we never imagined. Challenges we never saw coming,  trials and pitfalls, and sobering reaffirmation that this nation still has dangerous enemies. Both without, and within. 

"But no matter the trial! No matter the seemingly impossible challenge that lays before us! America will stand firm!" A cheer and applause roared to life, "Stand firm on our foundation that our founders and fore fathers laid before us. We must affirm, upon the firm reliance on divine providence the truths of: Life! Liberty! And the individual right for the pursuit of our own happiness!" a standing ovation developed like a wave of humanity and Tania basked in it for a precious few seconds before continuing, "We have relied to often from government, and from those who promise the world, but instead creates slavery. We delegated to heroes to provide a quick fix to the symptom,  while we fail to change the cause. -As Governor I've held firm to the principles of our founders, and when the disaster of the Mexico Incident struck, I made a call, one that wasn't popular, and one that my peers called career suicide." 

A chuckle hovered around the room, "I made the call to put the well-being of Californians ahead of my own, and put in policies that should've been put in place decades ago! I've streamlined out-of-date and redundant regulation! I've locked-down the border, and struck a blow to the cartels key money maker by legalizing, taxing, and regulating cannibus, which brings in hundreds of millions in new revenue that goes education and healthcare subsidies which benefits all Californians, we cut spending to frivolous and wasteful programs, and now California is a leader in education! A leader in Immigration Reform! A leader in industry! One of the lowest in unemployment! And now California's success is spreading to other states, and we are leading the way!" 

The thunderous applause and cheering filled the building, "We can do it together, we don't need someone else to do what is right. We don't need Heroes to save the day for every little thing. Let them do what they do best, rise to the threats we can't, and let each of us handle the rest. When someone is hungry, feed them. When someone is broken, comfort them. And when someone weak is being beaten down defend them. Government and Heroes have their place, and each of us have ours." Applause and words of agreement engulfed the room and when it quieted Tania became somber, playing the crowd with her theater, and evoking an expecting hush to the theater which beamed to the country and the world, "In that spirit of humble duty, one well known to probably our greatest President, George Washington, who never wanted the office. Who was happy to just tend his vineyard and live in the freedoms that the blood of the Revolution paid for. -I announce tonight that I won't run for reelection as Governor of California, but serve in another fashion, one which President Hayford will announce later tonight, and it'll be clear why I'm somber before you now." 

Stunned murmuring filled the room with whispers, "It was a great honor to serve my state, and eternally grateful for the loving support of those who stood by me and defended me when things got tough. Thank you all, and God bless you and this great nation." As she turned to the host the silence gave way to a enthusiastic standing ovation as she made her way back-stage. Darlene met her  as the audio tech took her microphone, "Governor! You won't believe the massive traffic on the social media!  The net is buzzing!" she was flustered and excitement radiated from her like an aura, "Really?" Tania said amusingly, "What did Jack say about my teaser?" They walked briskly down the spartan hall to the exit and her armored limo. Darlene looked like she was a giddy twelve year old, "In a word: Spectacular! He's just been boosted, along with you I might add, to number 1 on twitter, and the pundants are keeping you and the President the top story on every network and cable show on the planet!" Tania gave her famous impish grin, the tide is turning, and the Alliance won't know what hit them.