Apollo sat on the overstuffed couch in the common area watching TV, it's been 6 months since the Naval Base attack and not so much as a rumor in the man-hunt for Cork Screw. The TV News anchor came on, "In political news, rising star Tania Hill's campaign reaches record popularity in her race for Governor in California. Tania's policy calls for reduced spending, stiffer border protections, and a freeze on tax rates. as well as shifting subsidies to businesses that needs them the most. What is also remarkable is her refusal of special interest funding, and even going as far as making her complete campaign finance records available to the public. Promising a similar transparency on a state level when elected, back to the studio." Apollo was strangely distrusting of this Tania Hill, she seemed to good to be true, but he stretched and put the thought out of his mind for now, more important matters need to be done.

He rose and trudged to the computer console where a facial recognition search was processing, the targets of the search are his missing villains. Faces flash by as the images from traffic, pedestrian protection, and even private security cameras scan crowds and customers world-wide. In the hours during the search so far, only 3 possible, and blurry hits shown up. It's baffling, how could 4 of the most infamous villains vanish from the face of the earth, they didn't leave earth either, NORAD Space Command confirmed that. So where could they be? The hiss of the door disrupted his line of thought, he turned to see Argos strolling toward him, "Councilman Argos, what an honor sir." Apollo said as he stood straight and gave a slight, and respectful bow, Argos responded in kind, "I'm flattered, but I only inquire of the results of your search Apollo."

Argos peered at the large wrap around screen of the console as Apollo brought up the 3 possibles, "Of course sir, so far we got 3 possible leads," He expanded the first image, "The first was a 65% possible for War Eagle in Juno Alaska about  a month ago from a traffic camera," The second image expanded, "The second lead was a 56% possible for Battle Phage in Phoenix Arizona from a gun store security camera about a week ago," the third image expanded, "and the most promising, a Surf-Cam in Los Angeles caught what appeared to be the silhouette of one of Cork Screw's Destroyer Walkers moving up the coast under the surf just 6 hours after the Naval base attack." Apollo finished, Argos raised an eyebrow, "Intriguing, have you talked to any witnesses to this silhouette?" "Not yet sir, but I was waiting for the search to finish before I did anything in case more leads show up." Argos gave a nod, "Very well Apollo, keep the council informed." as he turned Apollo called to him, "Councilman, may I ask you a question?" Argo turned with a neutral expression on his face, "Of course." Apollo took a breath, "When I was before the council 6 months ago, why did you say what you did?" He paused, "You mean, why did I attack you?" Apollo nodded slightly, "Well I guess you deserve an explanation. I did what I did because the Joint Chief of Staff threatened to pull his resources from the Hero Alliance. We need both governmental, and military support to function unhindered around the world. So as the old saying goes, it's not personal, it's politics. So I had to put on a show-of-force to keep our access to those military satellites your using right now."

Apollo looked mildly shocked, "I had no idea." Argos gave a smile, "I like you Apollo, you remind me of how I was before politics and the council. It's sad really, to stay alive we have to appear to turn on one another." Argos added with an almost sad look, then he turned and walked out the doors, leaving Apollo to continue his work.