Battle Phage loaded his M4A2 assault rifle, and checked his night-vision scope and IR/Red laser sight mounted on the side of the barrel,  while his team also prepped for the mission ahead. They were dressed in dirty cloaks and appeared as members of a local cartel hit squad, armed with Mexican military issue M4 rifles and uniform cameos. The Vasquez Cartel hired him under the sudo-name Micheal Adverez, Mercenary and combat specialist, as well as his team. Phage's "team" was his top 5 students and all loyal to him and Shadow.

Satisfied with his weapon, he nodded to his team and they exited the VC armored car/troop carrier and into the early morning, downtown streets of San Luis Colorado, a nearly deserted border town, and now center of violence between increasingly desperate drug cartels. The six man squad advanced down the street with military precision, hugging the bullet riddled walls until they reached a darkened alleyway, Phage put his fist up and the team stopped, he raised his rifle to his shoulder and slowly rounded the corner, his night-vision scope showed the decrepit alley, but no contacts. He cautiously entered the alley with he team matching his movements.

As Phage got 25ft down the 30 foot alley, the trash beside him moved and rustled, he and his team snapped to the origin of the noise to a very startled rat who scurried away. Battle phage turned to the end end of the alley to a very surprised 3-man patrol, Phage and his team fired there silenced M4 rifles and dropped the men before they could return fire. Without hesitating two of his men quickly dragged the 3 corpses into the alley and covered them with garbage, then toke the men's weapons and stripped them of anything useful, and quietly placed what was left into a dumpster.

With the patrol thoroughly hidden Phage's team re-grouped and continued to move, crossing the street and into another alley to a 8ft, barbed-wire topped, concrete wall of a large compound at the edge of town. The team toke off there cloaks, "Ok, beta-team move north, myself and alpha-team will move west to the back gate. Stay quiet till the fireworks start, sync time 0400. Mark. Go" Phage quickly relayed to his teams, beta-team leisurely walked along the wall toward the north, acting and looking like a patrol, 5 minutes after beta team left Phage and his alpha team walked west toward the back gate.

Phage greeted the guards in Spanish, they returned the greeting and asked about a soccer game the guard in the tiny security station was watching on an equally tiny TV. As Phage and his team socialized with the guards, he reached into his pocket on his vest and pressed a button on a hidden remote as he retrieved a cigarette. Back in the armored car, the display on a large cylinder counted down from 30 seconds, an ever louder whine droned, when the numbers hit zero the micro-nuke went off, vaporizing the truck and leveling a city block. The flash lit-up the sky and a mushroom cloud lifted into the air. Phage and his team ducked behind the walls milliseconds before the blast-wave hit, blasting the compound walls with debris and dust. The blast's EMP knocked out power and the resounding sound of the bomb seemed to rock the earth, bringing the compound into chaos.

Battle Phage and his teams went to work, they quickly executed guards and barked conflicting orders to others as they moved through the compound. The micro hydrogen bomb Corkscrew built had to little radiation to be a concern, and to avoid confusion, every one of his squad had Extreme-IR lights sewn into there clothing. X-IR lights are undetectable by conventional night-vision, both civilian and military-issue models, but show up like signal flares by his team's special-built scopes.

As Phage neared his target, the wall in front of him ejected plumes of dry-wall and stucco as the rattle of an AK-47 pierced the chaos. Phage turned to see a guard with IR goggles getting a bead on him, Phage ducked into a side room as his team also ducked into cover. More rounds punched holes into the wall as the guard continued to fire. Phage peeked thru a near-by hole to see his target struggle to reload his rifle, a snap of an M4 came from his right, and the guard dropped as a 7.62mm round shot a plume of blood from the side of the man's head. His radio clicked twice, his team's signal for all-clear.

Battle Phage came cautiously from the side room and he and his team continued down the second floor exterior hall, to large double doors flanked by nervous guards, Phage dropped both of them quickly and aimed down a stair case, he held fire as beta-team glowed in his scope, and the six men flanked the doors. His men taped pre-sized strips of DET-CORD to the hinges, and stuck the detonators to the door. Both teams took 5 steps back and the explosive charges blew the hinges from the wall, and the armored doors fell to the floor.

Beta and Alpha teams rushed the bedroom, dropping the six guards in as many seconds and switched there lasers to visible-red and bathed the startled Julio Vasquez, head of the Vasquez Cartel, in blood-red laser light. Battle Phage walked into the room with his rifle's tac-light on, 'Good morning Mr Vasquez' Phage said coolly in Spanish, Vasquez blinked, 'Micheal? What are you doing!'
Battle Phage smiled, 'My job, you see I had a higher bidder Mr Vasquez.' Vasquez became visibly angry, 'And who may that be? I'm paying you $600,000 a month!' Phage just stared into the man's eyes with a smirk, 'The Cartel Chihuahua, and they doubled my fee,' Phage raised his rifle, 'Good bye Mr Vasquez, may god give you mercy.' Vasquez panicked, screaming as he begged for his life, Phage fired three rounds into the man's stomach, the pain and shock caused the man to pass out, but Phage wanted the mass murder to live, at least long enough to reveal his attacker's employer. Battle Phage and his team took on the role of friendlies and helped organize the chaos, then made up a plausible excuse for himself and his team to leave.

A block from the back gate a black SUV waited for them. Phage and his team changed into civies and stowed there weapons into hidden compartments, and drove off into the desert, as Mexican military helicopters circled the bomb scene behind them.