Dock 13 stood deathly quiet in the pre-dawn hour, the sky was turning a faint blue-grey hue as a fishing boat glided by the black semi-truck parked just outside the chain link of the locked gate. Inside Apollo briefed the SWAT team leaders for the early morning raid, "The target is Dock 13, from what we can ascertain, the building has a dozen guards who, we presume, are sleeping inside. The objective is to arrest and obtain evidence." Apollo picked up a syringe from the small briefing table, "This is what we are looking for, an advanced liquid Methamphetamine, it contains a precise blend of saline, vital nutrients, and 100% pure meth.

"Without this evidence we are looking at a PR nightmare because the owners of the dock, on paper anyway, is completely legal and without a doubt condemn our actions publicly and in court." Apollo let his words sink in before continuing, "The raid will go as such," he clicked a presentation controller and the 50 inch screen behind him showed a satellite view of Dock 13, "We will move in in two teams; I'll lead team Alpha and will enter from the street, team Beta, lead by Sakura, will move from the alley. Team Delta will provide sniper cover and position themselves with eyes on each corner, so that two snipers can cover each side of the warehouse at once. Team Charlie will be the patrol boats and will ensure the recovery of suspects or dumped evidence as well as video coverage. Each team leader and sniper will also have helmet or scope cams to protect our collective behinds and to post-action assess operational efficiency. Any questions?" A hand rose from the group, "What's our R.O.E.*?"
"Imminent Threat Rules, if they pull a weapon your authorized to fire, but try to wound or disarm if possible. Lethal force is allowed but not encouraged. Anyone else?" Everyone was silent, "Alright we move at 0830 hours. Good luck."

*R.O.E. - Rules of Engagement:
1- Tactical term for rules upon an operative during tactical operations;
2- Restrictions where lethal force may have strategic or political  consequences.