The morning light cast a warm glow onto the harbor as SWAT teams get into position, Sakura came up into her team's breach position, "Beta Team in position" she whispered into her radio lapel. "Rodger Beta, all teams in position. Go in 1...2...Now!" Apollo ordered through the radio, and she nodded to her breacher, the officer wielded a large tube, inside was a water-bladder with an explosive charge behind it. As he swung it a pressure trigger closed and with a concussive boom the C4 turned the water into a projectile that blew the steel door of its hinges and turning it into a battering ram to anything or anyone behind it.

A moment later another boom echoed from the warehouse as Alpha Team breached. The two teams poured into the warehouse sweeping with their lights mounted onto their M4 rifles. Boxes towered over them as they searched the massive maze like space, the entry alarms cried in there klaxon like protest. Sakura halted her team as they approached a central open area. Apollo also stopped his team on the opposite side, and clicked his radio. Both teams enter the area guns drawn only to stare into each other, "Well looks like we're the only ones at the party." Sakura smirked as the SWAT teams lowered their weapons, Apollo rushed to the nearest box and ripped it open and pulled out a stuffed bear, he looked to another officer who pulled out a DVD above him at the second story office and officer came to the ledge, "All clear sir, not even a rat around" Apollo kicked the box out of frustration cursing.

Apollo stood before the Chief of Police and the building manager as the SWAT teams packed up behind him, "I hope you plan on paying for the property you destroyed!" screamed the manager, "You wasted my time Apollo, and the Feds are going to hear about this I assure you!" barked the Police Chief, "With all due respect gentlemen, all of my evidence justified the raid, and you did approve the action Chief." The manager was cherry red, "What justification? Oh that's right the fictitious drug runners! Did you find any drugs at all? No! You destroyed my warehouse and the doors you blast off toke out a shipment of TVs and porcelain flatware!" Apollo stood defiantly, "I personally witnessed the activity and have a witness in custody!" The Police Chief raised his hand angrily, "I trusted you Apollo! Now get out of my city!"

As Apollo walked to an Alliance car his phone chirped, "Apollo." The voice on the line chuckled, "Who is this!" Apollo snapped and it stopped, "A mouse who evaded the cat, and what a show! You alliance types are so damned predicable, and don't bother tracing this call, it's bouncing off of every satellite and ground station on the planet." Apollo stopped and scanned around him, "What do you want?"
"Nothing that hasn't already been done, and your right we did use Dock 13, but don't bother interrogating the manager later, he's just a naive fool  who knows only that he manages a retail warehouse, put in place to sweeten the effect. Your time is best spent on damage control Apollo the Alliance is looking a little rocky lately, only 56% support for the world's mightiest heroes. Don't worry we won't take you to court, this bit of theatrics was an orchestrated warning, let Shadow reign." the phone clicked off, he checked his call log, and no record was found and no minutes used. Apollo stared at his phone and trembled with fear and rage.