The communicator buzzed on the console as Apollo sat typing on The Hero Alliance mainframe. With a grunt he answered, "Apollo here?" his expression went from annoyance to anger, he slammed the communicator onto the console, causing a few sparks and a fair sized imprint in the aluminum work surface. "What's your problem?" spoke the attractive heroine, she entered from the training room with towel round her neck. A little embarrassed Apollo relaxed his fists, "Another villain disappeared, that makes 4 so far." She smiled and relaxed on the over-stuffed couch, "Isn't that a good thing? One less torn in our side." 
Apollo turned to her still very annoyed, but now at her, "No, Sakura! It's not a good thing! They didn't get defeated, they didn't retire, they just vanished. Not a trace left from there lairs, all there minions and henchmen disbanded. It doesn't make sense." Sakura just giggled at Apollo's lack of composure, "So they quit, and why would they stay on the grid? So you can waltz up to there vacation lair and arrest them? We have squashed every villain that comes our way, sounds to me they got smart and threw in the towel on being a villain. I don't blame them, personally I'm a bit bored myself." She got up and casually walked toward the elevators, "When your finished acting like a child, I'll be with the others." Apollo watched her leave, what she said made sense, but why did he have this ominous feeling? Something was not right, and he won't stop till he finds out what's going on.

Apollo sat back down and pulled up the missing Villain's bios;
"Talon", Speed Type
Area: New York City, NewYork
Power: Speed Class 4 - Mach 1.29
Born outside of Buffalo, orphaned at a young age. Before his powers manifested he was a war historian at West Point, discharged due to early fears of supers, pension revoked. Began a career as a master thief doing contract heists for world-wide clients.
Threat Level: Yellow (Note: Master Tactician, High Threat Potential)
Last Known Whereabouts
5-99 called Jan. 1st, 2015, car 254 and cycle 902 of NYPD responded, responding officers neutralized - one death. 
City Bank, branch 1036 reported $1.4mil in cash, jewelry, and bonds stolen.

"War Eagle", Strength Type
Area: Arizona, Nevada
Power: Strength Class 3 - Force 3.57 (Force 1 = 1 Foot Ton)
Born on a Navaho reservation, abusive childhood. Worked the poker tables on the reservation casino before power manifestation. After acquiring powers War Eagle began underground fight-clubs, money laundering, and the occasional casino robbery.
Threat Level: Orange (Note: No Known Weakness, Use Extreme Caution)
Last Known Whereabouts:
Desert Raven Casino - Las Vegas, NV

"Battle Phage", Enhanced Combat Type
Area: Western United States
Power: Combat Class B - Reflex 2.5x, Strength +50%, Speed +25%, IQ 99.46

Decorated career as a US Ranger, Henry Williams, was recruited for Project Bloodlust, a Bio-Engineering project conducted under*Rank Classified* "John"*Surname Classified* at the Department of Defense, and Dr. William Segorn (DECEASED) of BioTech Industries during October 2001-2013, Henry worked black-ops under D.O.D. authorization between 2011-2013. On April 20th, 2013 Henry's family was eliminated by mercenaries hired by the D.O.D. in response to insubordinate behavior*, and threat of treason by Henry**. On May 2nd 2013 Henry becomes aware of John's involvement in his families murder and went rouge, blaming all involved in Project Bloodlust, and killing Dr. Segorn and his staff, he routinely launches attacks on D.O.D. facilities, as while as taking assassination jobs on the side. 
Project Bloodlust has been terminated as of - May 21st, 2013
Project details Top Secret.
*Note: "John" was engaging in unauthorized experimentation.
**Note: According to research, Henry most likely threatened "John" to goto D.O.D. chairman, or make the experiments public.
Threat Level: RED (Note: Hand-to-Hand and Range Combat Expert)
Last Known Whereabouts:
Colorado Springs, CO

"Cork Screw", Tech Type
Area: United States
Power: NONE - IQ 120.36
Norman Rockwell graduated MIT in the top 1%, Post-Graduate studies in Advanced Robotics, and Nano Engineering led to several awards. In 2012 Norman developed acute psychosis, and sever paranoia. Which led to the "MIT Death Bot Attack" on May 1st, 2012, resulting in 50 deaths and several dozen wounded. Directly resulting in the "Tokyo Robot Accords of 2013" which limits NATO's use of A.I. Robotic Weapons. Cork Screw attacks randomly and base of operations is unknown.
Threat Level: Orange (Note: EMP use recommended for engagement)
Last Known Whereabouts:
Chicago, IL - Jan. 6th, 2015 - Attacked Ford International manufacturing facility, taking several vehicles and the vending machine from the break room.
"That attack was a few weeks ago, wait." Apollo typed furiously as he accessed the police report, Cork Screw stole 5 Explorers fresh off the line, and the cars haven't been registered or have been GPS tagged yet. Which means all of the missing Villains could be working together, Apollo was taken aback by his theory, a speedster, strong man, combat specialist, and a genius nut-job. A fairly balanced team working together could wreak havoc on the planet. You'll need a few more to counter The Hero Alliance of course, but still even with just four they can be formidable, each using their strengths to off-set the others weaknesses. Apollo grabbed a new communicator, he has to consult the others.