One month into my plan and the pieces for phase 1 are falling into place. Talon and I have recruited three more to our cause!
The first of the new recruits is "War Eagle" a very interesting fellow, like most strength types he can shove a train off it's rails, but when it comes to business he's by far the best I've seen. Running a mob-style underground venture is far harder then those pompous ivy-league saps on wall street can even dream of and is more art then skill. An extraordinary amount of tact, presence, and ruthlessness must be mastered to make it both successful and covert enough to slide under the Hero Alliance radar, and War Eagle is a born natural.

They know of his business dealings of course, but only a small fraction, his network has tentacles in business fronts and law enforcement agencies across the country. What the fools at T.H.A. know is only what he wants them to know, and he battles them only to misdirect them when they come close to finding his real network.  My problem was finding him, I went to his reservation casino only to find his manager. I met with a rude welcome when Talon and I asked about him in the posh lobby. After several dozen of the summoned casino security staff was either unconscious or dead was the manager finally forced to agree to meet with me.

He was a tough looking Navaho, but acted like a frightened child as we easily handled guard after guard, I even had to sully my hands with a few of them. The Indian looked like he pissed himself when I kicked the mahogany doors down to reveal half his security staff writhing in pain and bleeding on the hallway floor behind us. I asked to see War Eagle and the coward quickly directed me to his Las Vegas Casino, The Desert Raven.
Vegas holds a special place for the villain class, it's wild spirit is an inspiration, and a haven with the highest officials paid off to War Eagle who let us villains live in peace, as long as they don't do business or make trouble in Eagle's territory that is. Having him as a ally is key to my plan's success, his resources and leadership is a must for any sort of organized assault and infiltration of subordinates into the government. Phase 2.

But I digress, our meeting in the casino was a tense one, again we fought our way to his top floor office, bloodshed I'd rather avoid if I could. It's a bad first impression, but I had to show my power, a man of his profession values strength, both in me and what strength I can offer him. When I reached the gilded waiting room to his office, the terrified secretary, who squealed as we bashed the heavy door down, cried under her desk. Of course our appearance didn't help either, we were covered in minor cuts and blood splatter from the more difficult guards. We waltz calmly by the shivering woman into his office, which was also gilded to a near gouty level.  The massive man stood with his muscular arms planted on his gold plated aluminum desk. He gave an angry rant, and more than once did he threaten to execute us, with some of my more cunning negotiation techniques I quickly took control of the situation, and explained our core intentions.

I managed to calm him, and explained the summary of my plan, at which he showed signs of interest. The hard part was convincing him of my seniority over him, so I asked to be alone with War Eagle. Talon was reluctant, but with all of the guards either unconscious or near death he agreed. Alone I explained myself and the essence of my plan, as well as my qualifications as leader in this endeavor. He agreed in the end to follow my orders, but only until the fruition of my plan, where as at that time I'll let him leave for his own pursuits in the new era if he wishes.

His role is to be my money man and general, with his underlings handling the infiltration and general logistical support for our little conspiracy. He also introduced me to "Battle Phage" one of War Eagles head lieutenants who will accompany Talon and I as we seek another player indispensable to the plan, "Cork Screw." Battle Phage is one with a very intriguing past, he's a biotech enhanced, formal super soldier for the Department of Defense. The DOD crony in charge was Admiral Jonathan Wilkes, the same Jonathan Wilkes who just got a plush job as Secretary of Defense. Mr. Wilkes apparently did some really nasty experiments on some Iraqi orphans, and promptly shoved the blame to Battle Phage in a rather cowardly setup. Battle Phage's family was killed while he tried to expose Wilkes' evils to his superiors.

He became rather enamored when I summarized my plan to him, and the lust of revenge returned to his defeated eyes. I may have found a very zealous ally indeed, and just in time too as we found out when we tracked down Cork Screw.  In a word, Cork Screw is insane, but a technological genius. His personality is eccentric, but he's not out of control. His temper is a hair trigger which surprised even me, but the man who spends his days in his lab with mechanical pets has a brilliance and reckless courage I can't help but to admire. After Battle Phage, Talon, and I fought a violent battle with his Gladiator Penguin Bots to prove ourselves "worthy" he will be more then willing to join our cause, he'd even called the prospect of the challenge fun.

The ring was a holographic projection onto force-fields, a trekkie's wet dream come true. We fought in a Roman arena with Cork Screw as Cesar, who let forth real penguin robots dressed in centurion costume, at first we laughed at the spectacle, that was until they attacked. They leap as us with unnatural speed, I ducked just before a sword took my head off. Talon and Phage were also token off guard, and we struggled to accumulate to our situation. I grabbed an attacking bot, it's sword hand, and twisted it off, the sword still in it's grip. Though I'm not as strong as Battle Phage, I too have some super abilities and in my previous life I trained for years in many martial arts, I even learned several body-control techniques from shaolin monks. There mystic beliefs are rubbish of course, but they can achieve levels of bodily control and enhancement nearing super levels. Hence my strength, another beneficial side effect of Shaolin meditation is the ability to stay absolutely focused in any situation.

The bot appeared almost surprised as I kicked it's head off, Talon gained his footing and used his speed to amplify a two palmed blast on to a very unfortunate bot, blasting the amusingly dressed creation into a wall, shattering it. Battle Phage used a precised mix of hand-to-hand techniques and his pistol to fend off his attackers. We smashed penguins, dogs, and gorillas, and when Cork Screw was finally satisfied we were bruised, bloody, and exhausted, but we won our prize.

We need a lot of resources that  War Eagle can't buy, we need to steal the more unique items necessary for a base of operations, and Cork Screw is the man to get them. His status with T.H.A. is "Unpredictable Menace" so any heist won't be out of the ordinary and most won't give it a second thought. One of Cork Screw's most interesting assets was an abandoned "Mike Site" a cold war era missile base he stumbled across in the frozen Alaskan tundra. When I asked him why he was in Alaska, he replied, "Why? Well I wanted to see how my Penguin Bots fair with a polar bear of course. Tho it wasn't too fair for the bear, I need to tweak the strength a bit, I lost a fine bear pelt cause of those blasted penguins!" he ranted as he pointed to a pair of penguin bots in the corner who squawked and scuttled from the lab.

In the last few days we managed to shift all our assets the the Mike Site, War Eagle had the base's location and records purged from the DOD and Strategic Air Command databases, and any paper record destroyed. Cork Screw even gave us some unregistered vehicles he stole from the Ford factory in early January. I had War Eagle register them with the DMV with fresh VIN numbers. As of today every one of us has a new identity, and all villain activities have stopped. Except Cork Screw of course who is needed to retrieve what we can't usually acquire, tomorrow we begin Phase 1.