I have effectively shut down the US/Mexico border from all illegal traffic, SFYD Technologies (aka. Shadow For Your Doom), my primary cover corporation, has installed Corkscrew's Guardian Mark.XII Robotic Sentries along California's southern border, with the help of Tania Hill of course. With the gate locked and numerous reforms to immigration law and naturalization policies, and quiet enforcement by myself and War Eagle, employment and income tax revenue is up by 40% and Ms. Hill has reported that Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are inquiring on the many details of the new programs, as well as endorsement and praise from the current administration at the White House.

There are of course the radical progressives, who bark "Racist" and whatnot, but with the unprecedented successes, both publicly and with behind the scenes... persuasions. Their cries fall on deaf ears. My foothold in California is complete, and with Ms. Hill as my voice, we shall take more states, and with the majority in my grasp I shall emerge, and those beaten down by the corrupt shall cry my name. Shadow shall fall, and the world shall see a light and the corrupt shall tremble!