Apollo entered the polished hall of the Council Chambers, a disc in his hands, and stood before the Alliance Grand Council, "Heroes and Heroines of the grand council, I have here evidence of against the Shadow Syndicate Federation, and I hope upon review action is approved." declared Apollo with the strong confidence he is known for. Zeus stood, "We will hear your evidence Apollo." Apollo nodded and place the disc in the reader of the podium he stood behind, and awaited the scripted actions to process. The holographic projectors rendered the video surveillance of the warehouse as Apollo presented the briefing, complete with choice selections of Julio's debriefing. The faces of the council sobered as he explained the delivery practices and procedures, illustrated with crisp photos and video of a delivery to a setup-house. The video renderings ended and the evidence was compiled in the center of the room in a cloud formation.

Apollo let the information sink in a moment before continuing, "Distinguished members of the Grand Council, the evidence is quite clear, and Shadow must fall. I have done all the council has asked as I put this evidence of wrongs before you, we need only to act before we lose the element of surprise, and lose the trail which we stumbled upon. You all are aware of War Eagle's cunning, and Novella's ruthlessness, and I swear by my honor and before God, that all here is truth and none is without evidence. I stand ready your orders to act." Apollo stood now, as his last word echoed the polished walls and ceiling of the chamber, and then Zeus rose, "Apollo. We will weigh the disturbing facts before us, go and await our summons." Zeus' voice was stern and clear, and Apollo bowed slightly, "Yes sir, I await your call." With that Apollo left the camber, the heavy doors closed with solid thud behind him, and walked the Hall of Heroes and down the hall to his quarters.

Meanwhile, Shadow walked along the water's edge, Dock 13 sat in the early morning mists on the other end of the bay. Monstrous cargo carriers sailed to an fro behind him as Talon came in step with him, "It is done, and our trap is set." Talon said in his low and dark tone of his character as Shadow smiled a ruthless smile, "Good my old friend, see to it your lieutenant sees to the movement of the cargo. I want the bait set before the Alliance moves." Talon nodded and walk casually into the streams of workers who milling about to check-in to work, and disappeared as quickly as he came. Still smiling Shadow stopped and gazed upon the steel and brick warehouse of Dock 13, "Come my mouse, the trap is set, and the cat awaits."