Apollo sat in a black SUV scouting a dock warehouse, DOCK 13, a day ago a scrawny man walked up to Alliance HQ and asked for him. His name was Julio and claimed to be a Pusher for Shadow, and in his debrief he provided detailed information on the organization. Shadow is a Federation of powerful criminal syndicates. War Eagle, Maestro Novella of the Red Shield Syndicate in Europe, the Havana Syndicate, and others where a short list he could recall. Shadow was the brainchild of Maestro Novella, he and his organization consolidated the dozens of rival Syndicates, it brought peace and unrivaled opportunity to the member syndicates, and those who refused was eliminated. Julio said that the Mexico incident was the latest in squashing those who won't fall in line, and he helped load the truck with the modified Russian ICBM warhead onto the armored truck at Dock 13 in San Pedro, which also serves as a stockpile of weapons and drugs manufactured overseas.

Apollo ate some beef-jerky as he watched the activity around the dock, men and women going in empty handed and walking out minutes later with a black backpack, Julio said that the pushers burn the packs after they sold the coke and meth syringes. It kept them from holding evidence if they're caught coming back to pickup. From what Julio told him that the quality of the drugs sky-rocked when Shadow toke over, and the instructions to the junkies were detailed so they don't OD on the higher grade substances or rat out Shadow. The customer care, if it could be called that, was so good that OD deaths dropped 12% from last year, and it also bred iron-clad loyalty since anyone who rats to the cops, whether the officer was on pay-roll or not, where cut off from being able to purchase again. The names, specs, and photos on Julio's phone, a list 3 pages long, scrolled through Apollo's mind. The Black-Lister is given 3 chances to back-off from the pushers, after that a hit squad silenced him or her for good.  Brutally simple and very effective, everyone involved with the street program was officially and legally employed with the shipping company front, Julio makes $40K a year, pays all taxes, has a family, and an economical new car. It keeps every one living within there taxable means and the cops and FBI not expecting a thing. "...It got to me after a while, the guilt you know, and I couldn't take it anymore. I see my little girl and I know in my gut that I couldn't do it anymore..." Julio explained when he was asked on why he came to the Alliance if his life was so good. Apollo remembered the pain in the man's eyes and the guilt in his expression.

The pusher MO has changed and looks 100% legal, they drive the shipping company trucks to warehouses across the South-West, and the inner city bike-delivery pushers get calls from the junkies, and they deliver to there door, payment by debit card, credit, or cash via the pusher's smartphone. Then the junkie gets a small box containing a gram of coke or a sterile syringe of saline/nutrient/meth mixture and the pusher rides off to the next delivery. The pre-mixed meth is what disturbs Apollo the most, Julio explained that the whole thought process goes like this, "...Keeping the customers alive and healthy, keeps everyone's bank accounts the same..." the saline keeps the "customers" hydrated, the nutrients keeps them from wasting, and the high grade meth keeps them happy. They don't cut or add fillers, they keep there product pure, the pushers also provide detailed counseling and information about what they sell, the strength of the grade, most common effects, and ingredients in the pre-mixed products. Apollo sat disgusted watching the pushers ride up and leave loaded with drugs that kill or handicap millions every year and at the caviler attitude at which the Shadow Federadtion does it. But tonight he only observes and gather evidence, Julio was accurate in his testimony, and now Apollo will prepare his next move.