Shadow stood at a podium with Tania Hill beside him. He appeared before the steel and glass tower of SFYD Technologies, his Technology conglomerate, "Thank you all for being here today, and it's an honor Governor that you could be here as well." Shadow put on his most sincere and charming smile as he continued, "Today I'm please to announce the partnership with ICE, and The State of California, in the deployment of SFYD Guardian Mark.XII sentry towers along the California/Mexico border, "The screen behind him displayed the sleek spire shape of the Guardian Mark.XII, it's smooth form animated open to reveal optical sensors, transceiver mast, and tranquilizer dart gun. "The Guardian Mark.XII has the latest military grade sensor technologies available, it's Day/Night Camera blends both IR light amplification with the latest Thermal technologies that pierces smoke, mist, and dust up to half a mile. The multi-band transceiver can detect nearly all transmissions, including encrypted signals, and in conjunction with other Guardian sentries can triangulate, and GPS tag suspect signals for Law Enforcement and the Military to intercept, identify, or divert the, "boogie", if you don't mind my military slang." the crowd chuckled as Shadow broaden his smile before he continued.

"Now I turn it over to Governor Hill for your questions." Shadow gracelessly greeted Tania, pecking his lips on the back of her right hand, as she walked up to the podium, "Thank you James, and again thank all of you for your presence here today. SFYD Technologies came to me several months ago, shortly after the infamous nuclear attack at San Luis Colorado, with an offer. To partner with the State of California to help with the security and integrity of our southern border, and today I'm pleased to announce the details of this partnership. SFYD Technologies will work closely with ICE and the Border Patrol to find solutions, like the automated Guardian Sentry System, that will economicly ensure the safety and security of our border, without compromise. Within the next 4 months we will deploy the Guardian Sentry System along our border and will have 24hr monitoring of every inch of blood soaked desert, this system will maximize the deployment of Border Patrol agents and there assets to ensure an air-tight security net. Keeping the growing Cartel Civil War from spilling over to us, and keeping the families and businesses along our border safe and secure." The crowd boomed applause, "Now for your questions." The press shot up hands and shouted for attention, Tania pointed to a CNN reporter, "Governor, it this still struggling economy, how can California afford this security net, as you put it?" Tania smiled at him, "Mr. Hall very graciously gave us a very substantial discount on the system, based on our exclusivity with SFYD Technologies."

The reporter continued, "How much will the system cost?" Tania kept smiling, "Just shy of $1.4 million, including the discount. This is nearly half of the $5 million originally offered, and would allow us to keep the Border Patrol agents we currently have. The system is an important investment, without it we would need to spend nearly $16 million for more agents and upgrades to conventional equipment. The Guardian sentries can stream data to the computers currently installed in both our Headquarters and in every Police and Border Patrol vehicle we currently have. Maximizing our efficiency and decreasing deployment times." The hands and shouts began once more, Tania pointed to a MSNBC reporter as the Q&A continued. Shadow stood back, admiring his fans, and smiled broadly, 'I have them' he thought.