Tania walked briskly through the hall toward the Governor's Office, Darcy keeping up beside her, "You have a meeting with Senator Wilkes at 2:30, he wants to talk about implementing his education proposal. Then..." Darcy's phone rang and she picked up without losing stride, "If that's the Senator remind him he need's to wait his turn." Tania said with a slight venom, "No ma'am, that was the office secretary. Apollo from the Hero Alliance is waiting in your office." Tania stopped. "Did he say why?" Darcy shook her head, "No, just that he has important information to report." Tania thought for a moment, Did he know? She continued at a quickened pace, "Don't interrupt us even for a meeting. Wilkes can wait, if Apollo came to me it must be important." Darcy hurried to catch up, "Yes ma'am!"

Apollo waited on the plush leather couch tapping impatiently on the mahogany coffee table. The office had a fireplace across from him with a built-in floor to ceiling book shelve to one side. In front of the large window was the antique hand crafted large executive desk with a large California Seal in cast bronze. The double doors opened and he turned to the governess, "Ah, Apollo it's an honor." She greeted in a seemingly genuine tone, "The honor is mine governor," Apollo replied, shaking her hand, "So, what brings you to Sacramento?" she inquired as she invited him to sit back on the couch as she toke a high back chair directly across from him and the coffee table, "A matter has come to my attention where the alliance agreed that I deliver personally and..."
"You feel there might be an informant, or a question of security correct?" she interrupted, "Yes ma'am, There is a criminal organization or unknown super villain by the name Shadow." Tania tensed briefly, Apollo caught it immediately, "You've heard of them?" Damn, she thought and she thought quickly, "Yes, there had been rumors of such an organization." To her relief Apollo continued, "They aren't rumors, my underworld contacts say Shadow has pacified most of the state, and do dealings in their monopoly in near secrecy, or..."
"Or they have agents working in local law enforcement," she gave a sigh, "I thought things were going to smoothly." Apollo nodded, "Yes ma'am, so the alliance hoped to avoid a leak through normal communication channels, so that we might inform you without tipping them off." Tania looked inquisitively at Apollo, "So the alliance is planing a move?" He nodded, "Yes, and wished to receive immunity, and to use whatever resources we need." she sat there studying him for a moment, mind racing, "Hm, perhaps, but may I suggest a course of action?"
"Yes, of course." Apollo said, slightly surprised and followed her as she began to pace, "We watch them, and perhaps by forming this monopoly it may give us an advantage. Hear me out." she turned to him, "By eliminating any competition sooner or later there security might lax, giving us an opportunity to infiltrate or gather evidence. Since I can't just give you immunity without evidence, especially when the economy is turning into a booming one and crime is dropping like a stone. With my passing of marijuana legalization and taxation laws  which destroyed the cartel's biggest market and drawing them away, at least that is what I assumed. This Shadow organization must be finding other sources of funding, and that is what we must find and find it very quietly." Apollo sat thinking for a moment, "We can't let any one or agency know, my sources say they have ears at every level."
"Then just myself and the alliance," she walked to her desk and pulled out a form and began writing, "I'll give you Governmental Authority to investigate, however it's nothing more then a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card I'm afraid, but it should be enough." She turned and handed him the executive order, "That's all I need ma'am, thank you." Apollo said as he inspected the order, with his name on it, "Your welcome." She said with a smile, Now to inform Shadow and prepare a diversion, she thought as Apollo left her office.

To Be Continued...