As you know, if you been reading Chapter 1, I am Shadow. The brilliant mind behind world domination, and all thing just. The Hero Alliance has been unusually persistent lately so I haven't put up Entries as often I would like, but no matter, this is why I started a "Blog" to let my loyal minions know on the progress of my master plan, general updates, and tips to keep you productive, and out of jail and/or killed. 

Tip #1
Please, for the sake of all, DON'T BOAST IN PUBLIC!!!
The key to success is keeping your trap shut about your employer (ME!) to avoid a visit from:
A Hero Alliance crony, who will wipe the floor with you and take you home    and interrogate you with there "special" abilities.

Your local ENFORCER agent, who will pound your face in, and hang your body by the neck at your local meeting location as a warning to others of your incompetence!

I mention this potentially life-saving tip, because a low level fool who let it slip about his business led Apollo to his door and from his consequential interrogation revealed the time and place of Cork Screw's Rail Gun Heist. Fortunately Apollo foolishly attempted to use him as a snitch, and the fool faced option B. 

Take this as a friendly warning,

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