Good Morning my loyal Minions! Welcome to another blog by your beloved leader. Many of those who I converse with seek to learn more about Cork Screw's "walkers" well I will tell you, he calls them Android-Surface-Assault-Bi-Pedal-Destroyers or A.S.A.B.D (As-uh-bod), a rather ingenious design, it basicly looks like atypical humanoid giant robot, but has a 5gw Particle cannon mounted in the armored "head" surrounded by dozens of sensors and cameras, a 350 cubic feet of storage in the internal chest cargo bay, the armor is a ceramic-alloy 3 inches thick which is protected by a unique plasma shield that repel or vaporize almost any projectile or missile. I suspect a nuke could bring one down, but Cork Screw believes even then it'll need a big one.

The Mark IV models used in the raid have a military grade EM shielding on it's core systems, but most impressive is it's companion bot, the Flyer, a beetle shaped multi-purpose drone that carries a 765mw particle laser cannon, adaptive shielding capable if layering in-concert with other drones, and they can dock with one another and share fuel and power to either extend range or exponentially increase the power of it's cannon by merging the beams into a super burst, yielding the equivalent firepower of a fully loaded F-22 fighter jet in a single devastating pulse. But the Flyer's primary role is the protection of the A.S.A.B.D walkers.

Hope that cleared up some of your questions, your just and beloved leader,


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