His heist was absolutely brilliant! And NEO-G edited quite an exciting movie of the event, which I'll include in Cork Screw's announcement to the Alliance, and I'll distribute it to the worldwide media. Such an embarrassing event will erode public support of the Alliance.

And welcome again my minions to my blog, at 1630hrs May 3rd, 2015 Cork Screw launch a contingent of 11 Destroyer Bots, and 3,500 Flyers against the Naval Research Station, Norfolk. Four Heroes of the Hero Alliance, and several hundred Navy, and Marine personnel engaged our forces. The attack was a monumental success! The first lost incurred to the Alliance in thirty years! Only 1 Destroyer Bot, and 2034 Flyers were lost, and we successfully captured a Naval Rail Gun, called XEMPC, the procured weapon will help greatly toward our goal of a better future! With the further erosion of public trust in both the US Military, and The Hero Alliance, these events will make way for the second phase of our tomorrow!

NEO-G's Action Video
Good Morning my loyal Minions! Welcome to another blog by your beloved leader. Many of those who I converse with seek to learn more about Cork Screw's "walkers" well I will tell you, he calls them Android-Surface-Assault-Bi-Pedal-Destroyers or A.S.A.B.D (As-uh-bod), a rather ingenious design, it basicly looks like atypical humanoid giant robot, but has a 5gw Particle cannon mounted in the armored "head" surrounded by dozens of sensors and cameras, a 350 cubic feet of storage in the internal chest cargo bay, the armor is a ceramic-alloy 3 inches thick which is protected by a unique plasma shield that repel or vaporize almost any projectile or missile. I suspect a nuke could bring one down, but Cork Screw believes even then it'll need a big one.

The Mark IV models used in the raid have a military grade EM shielding on it's core systems, but most impressive is it's companion bot, the Flyer, a beetle shaped multi-purpose drone that carries a 765mw particle laser cannon, adaptive shielding capable if layering in-concert with other drones, and they can dock with one another and share fuel and power to either extend range or exponentially increase the power of it's cannon by merging the beams into a super burst, yielding the equivalent firepower of a fully loaded F-22 fighter jet in a single devastating pulse. But the Flyer's primary role is the protection of the A.S.A.B.D walkers.

Hope that cleared up some of your questions, your just and beloved leader,

Welcome again to my blog, I must remind those reading the blog, that this site is for Minions, Commanders, ENFORCERS, and Lieutenants of my organization, if you are not someone in those categories, the you have hacked the site, and NEO-G has logged your location and within a few hours you will be visited by men in black suits. Those are my enforcers, and they will help "facilitate" you in your disappearance.

Business out of the way, lets begin. Greetings my loyal minions!
It has come to my attention that many are new to the organization and would like a clarification on the ENFORCERS, they are squads trained by Battle Phage for the sole purpose of information gathering, and secrecy enforcement. In lay-man's terms a small group of highly trained ninja who WILL find your dirty laundry, and if Battle Phage believes your actions or intent is not loyal or threatens the security, and more important, the secrecy of the organization. You will vanish from the face of the earth, and NO ONE will have any official record of your existence.

Also you might have noticed that several of my earlier post have a (rev. 0.1), they are revisions codes, indicating that I have revised or changed the entry. I do this when I have made an error in my writing or feel more explanation is necessary. I'll be using the following from now on:

Revision Change of 0.1 = Minor Grammar, Spelling, or Flow Change
Revision Change of 1.0 = Major Flow or Plot Change
Revision Addition of Lower Case Letters = Minor Addition of Story or Detail
Revision Addition of Upper Case Letters = Major Addition of Story or Detail

Hopefully these will help you as you read my entries, also part 2 of Cork Screw's Heist will be up Tuesday evening, and I promise it'll be worth the wait!

Goodnight my loyal minions,
my fortune favor all we foolish who long for justice.
As you know, if you been reading Chapter 1, I am Shadow. The brilliant mind behind world domination, and all thing just. The Hero Alliance has been unusually persistent lately so I haven't put up Entries as often I would like, but no matter, this is why I started a "Blog" to let my loyal minions know on the progress of my master plan, general updates, and tips to keep you productive, and out of jail and/or killed. 

Tip #1
Please, for the sake of all, DON'T BOAST IN PUBLIC!!!
The key to success is keeping your trap shut about your employer (ME!) to avoid a visit from:
A Hero Alliance crony, who will wipe the floor with you and take you home    and interrogate you with there "special" abilities.

Your local ENFORCER agent, who will pound your face in, and hang your body by the neck at your local meeting location as a warning to others of your incompetence!

I mention this potentially life-saving tip, because a low level fool who let it slip about his business led Apollo to his door and from his consequential interrogation revealed the time and place of Cork Screw's Rail Gun Heist. Fortunately Apollo foolishly attempted to use him as a snitch, and the fool faced option B. 

Take this as a friendly warning,