The Holidays and the work at hand delayed matters, but the Novella is off to my proof reader minions, and I'm looking for a early February release. So stay tuned till you can finally bask in my brilliance and witness my plans come to fruition!

Let Shadow reign!
Today minions, I'm proud to announce the coming book! With my busy schedule of conquering the world, I'm finding it to be the best use of my time to focus on the epic that is my rise to greatness in a novel form and released as a whole. The tentative date for release is late October to early November. I'm planing for release on iBooks and Amazon Kindle. Comment and make suggestions (Cameos and Character Names are available for those with worthy ideas.) I'll keep you, my faithful minions, informed on release dates and cameo announcements! Till then.

Let Shadow Reign! 
After a long hiatus  I once again return to document my latest exploits to my minions. It's been a busy and rewarding several months! The disbandment of the Hero Alliance is just the first of my many victories that has happened and many more to share in the weeks to come! 

Stay tuned for more, 
May Shadow Reign!
So much has happened! The delay in posting entries was unfortunate, but leading a global revolution is not easy and very time consuming. More will come as I'll fill you minions in all that has happened.

Let Shadow Reign!
2012 is here and with it victory! I will update roughly once a week for my latest exploit! Chapter 3 will be epic and you, my minions, will have the privilege to gaze upon my genius!

Your Benevolent Leader,
Yes it's been months since my promise to blog regularly, I'm a villain and I lied, sue me. Once again it's the Christmas season, a time where ravenous mothers trample one another to get that last "prefect" toy from a horde of other mothers in gladiator battle mode, and for children to cry on the knees of drunken Santa Clause impersonators in the malls across the country. We villains also have a tradition on this festive time of year, by volunteering for the FFRF and sue small towns for placing plastic figurines on courthouse lawns. But all seriousness aside there is much to be festive this Christmas, with the success of my infiltrators we are in complete control of the south-west crime syndicates and more are primed to fall under my command!

Merry Christmas to All, and to All Under My Command!
Hello my minions! As you have noticed, it has been some time since I have posted an entry. This is a glorious time for the organization! We have made strides toward our goal, although the details of such matters are confidential, know that we ever move toward our victory!

As things progress, and missions commence I will have more time to make my addresses more regular, so until my next entry.

Today marks the day when we Americans told the English they can shove there taxes and the royal "superiors" imposing them. So throw the tea over board, and lift your beer and guns in the air and celebrate Independence Day by setting off explosives of varying sizes and shades of legality, as warning to those who do us harm, saying of course, if you fight us the military is the lest of your worries.

Cork Screw has put together quite an array of homemade "fireworks" with a 1/10,000th scale demonstration of the "Fat Man" nuclear bomb as a finale. This promises to be the best 4th ever, that is if we survive of course.

Happy 4th of July!
Hello again my minions, my current duties has kept me to long from the site. I have made several revisions to my previous posts, I will make another entry when the business that has kept me from my blog is completed. Till then enjoy the updates to the previous posts.
His heist was absolutely brilliant! And NEO-G edited quite an exciting movie of the event, which I'll include in Cork Screw's announcement to the Alliance, and I'll distribute it to the worldwide media. Such an embarrassing event will erode public support of the Alliance.

And welcome again my minions to my blog, at 1630hrs May 3rd, 2015 Cork Screw launch a contingent of 11 Destroyer Bots, and 3,500 Flyers against the Naval Research Station, Norfolk. Four Heroes of the Hero Alliance, and several hundred Navy, and Marine personnel engaged our forces. The attack was a monumental success! The first lost incurred to the Alliance in thirty years! Only 1 Destroyer Bot, and 2034 Flyers were lost, and we successfully captured a Naval Rail Gun, called XEMPC, the procured weapon will help greatly toward our goal of a better future! With the further erosion of public trust in both the US Military, and The Hero Alliance, these events will make way for the second phase of our tomorrow!

NEO-G's Action Video