The crime lords fell silent in California, and Apollo scours Los Angeles' underground to find out why. Wearing dark jeans and a black hoody Apollo enters a sleazy club, it's malfunctioning neon sign reads; "Devil's Lounge" and from the look of the patrons, was very aptly named. Devil's Lounge has been a Black Market hub for decades, and is protected by millions in bribes to local and state officials. Apollo has been here before, but tonight it's uncharacteristically quiet, at least as quiet a dance club can be.

He scans the room, several dozen were dancing on the worn dance floor, more chat and snort drugs in the darkened booths along three walls, and a large bar along the back guarded by two bouncers on either side. There he spots his long-time contact "Marci-G" tending the drunks googling her. He moved inconspicuously to the bar where Marci waited, "Big A, how's it hanging?" she asked in a soft yet strong tone, he just smiled, "Still can't sneak up on you can I Marci?" She slid a shot of rum in front of him, "No you can't, you can't shake that good-guy demeanor even if you killed somebody, " She rested an arm on the bar in a somewhat seductive manner, "So what brings to the ass-end of LA? Don't tell me you missed me?" Apollo couldn't help being a bit flustered, she was a very beautiful and confident brunette but he quickly shook it off, "As lovely as you are Marci,  I'm here on business." She moved closer till her lips were millimeters away from his, "Pitty," To Apollo's relief her lips retreated from his and she lend against the back counter of the bar, "I'm so bored with underworld types, so what do you want to know?"

Apollo toke the shot before continuing, "You tell me? Things have been quiet lately, and I doubt the drug lords are going to criminals anonymous." She smiled, "No they aren't, and it's not wrong either." Apollo lend forward, "What do you mean?" She lend forward as well, "I mean, Big A, they are being forcibly retired by Shadow." She gave a smirk and led him to a back room, "You really don't know anything about Shadow do you?" Apollo looked puzzled as he sat on the couch in the spartan break room, "What's his deal?" Marci laughed as she slid in beside him, "His deal is yours, to eliminate and pacify the criminal underworld, and if you won't go quietly into the night, you won't exist anymore." Apollo sat back, his mind racing as she continued, "The whole city is pacified, and the only reason my business is still around is because I'm useful. Among other things." A thought hit him, "Why are you telling me this then?" She turned serious, "Because I don't know enough to stop him or even be a threat. His network is massive and with unlimited funding, it's insane, I'm the best hacker on the west coast, hell one of the elite worldwide, but I can't even touch him. He's a ghost, and appears to no one, yet he's everywhere. He might be bigger then you Apollo, then the whole alliance."

Her words echoed in his mind as he stared at her, he has known this woman for years, and never has he seen defeat in her, until now. He turned away, "I believe you, and as soon 4 of the most infamous super villains disappear strange things happen." She turned to him, "Yea, Apollo?" He turned to her, she was still serious, but seemed more vulnerable, "I'm scared, for the first time in a very long while. No one should have that much power and control, and for Shadow to have it like he does, scares the shit out of me."

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