Fist stared into the robot behemoth's eye like cannon, flyers buzzed around them both as the EMP's spinning chamber charged. Fist grinned, "Alright you metal bastard, let's go!" He slammed his fist's together, then with a yell slammed his right fist into the ground, splintering the concrete as a shock-wave traveled to the massive feet of the robot. It wavered, the ground rumbled as the giant fell to one knee, at the same moment flyers clustered before Fist and projected a shield. Fist charged, sending a massive punch into the luminescent shield creating a blast wave as it reacted to the impact. Fist strained as he pushed through the barrier, and with a yell broke it,  sending the drones tumbling in all directions. The robot's head spun to glare at him, the main cannon glowed as Fist closed the distance, realizing the peril he was in Fist brought his right shoulder's hardened shield-like guard  to face the the crimson beam as it fired a massive blast of energy.

The blast stopped Fist cold, his boots dug into the concrete, the shield glowed red hot, as it diverted the high powered energy beam away from himself, and the EMP device, sweat perspired from his brow and he gritted his teeth. He felt the metal of his shoulder guard and his armored leg guards burning his skin from the massive heat of the beam. Then when he started to feel globs of molten metal shedding from his shield, it stopped. The shield was misshapen and glowing white hot, Fist stood there unmoving as he sucked in deep breathes of cool air before he shed the damaged pieces of glowing metal armor, revealing the red of his burned flesh, and his steel gaze of resolve. "Not bad, that actually hurt." Fist gave a sinister smile, "Now it's my turn."

Fist charged with a yell, the cannon began to charge, but Fist was too fast and with a leap he punched through the head of the giant humanoid robot, and out the other side as the energy backfired with an earth shattering explosion, sending him flying. He landed hard, tumbling into a parked HUMVEE. The other walkers turned to scan the scene, as one of the engineers shouted, "It's ready!" The optics of the giant focused on the engineer, then the EMP, the optical cluster widened their irises as it reacted to the confirmation of the EMP device. The behemoths stopped and stood straight. The Engineer turned the key, and at that moment the scores of flyers clustered around the walkers, the EMP discharged with a massive shock-wave that shook buildings and blasted the area with electrified air that engulfed the base and everything in it.

When the dust cleared Apollo saw that the flyers encased the remaining walkers like a metal, cylindrical coffin. Sakura and the marines crawled from there make-shift pillbox, the flyers that besieged them lay on the ground deactivated, with tiny arcs of discharging electricity rippling between the gaps of it's components.  Fist slowly opened his eyes as he focused on the giant cylinders surrounding the walkers, Marine and Navy soldiers cheered. Fist forced a smile, "They did it, eh. Good for them" He relaxed as he laid on the now totaled HUMVEE, but Apollo didn't smile, he saw the flyers start to crumble away, and to his horror the crimson eyes of the walkers staring back at him. The cheering crowd stopped in fear, Fist just gritted his teeth. One of the remaining walkers continued on to the battleship with the rail-gun, however the others turned to the horrified defenders, and fired there main cannons as the soldiers scattered. 

Apollo cursed and leaped from the deck of the aircraft carrier and ran towards Fist, dodging the four foot wide beams and the craters of slag left behind. Fist struggled to free himself as a walker trained it's eye-of-death on him, he cursed as he struggled trough the pain of his injuries to bend the HUMVEE parts that held him, but he wasn't fast enough. The beamed fired, but at the same moment a figure in silhouette with a shield  stood in front of him, blocking the massive beam, Fist bent back the last bit of HUMVEE and stood beside Apollo, using his good shoulder to help brace the shield, "Your a real pain you know that?" Fist joked, Apollo just smiled, "And your getting old if you can't free your self from a HUMVEE." Apollo jested. Fist grunted, "Maybe I am, thanks." Apollo smiled, "Don't thank me yet, we still have a job to do." Fist had a stern look, "Right." The beam stopped and Apollo flung aside the warped shield, the two heroes stood side-by-side, Apollo had his broad sword out in fighting stance, Fist stood in a boxer's stance, "I'll bring him down, you rip that thing's heart out." Apollo grinned, "Right, just don't get yourself killed." Fist grunted, "Don't worry bout me old friend, I still got enough fight left in me. Besides Sakura with kill me if I let you die on us." Apollo just stared at the giant robot's huge eye as it glowed, charging for another attack. Fist dashed to the walker's feet and gave a round house kick, the massive foot shifted, then gave way as the giant's own weight bent the massive legs as the behemoth fell to the ground with the streaking sound of failing steel. Apollo charged and with a single stroke, sliced the head clean off, his blade extended by the ghostly blue of his life-force energy, his special attack, the head rolled into a dry-dock near by.

Apollo looked at the remaining walkers as they formed a semi circle around the center walker as it reached into the ship with massive hands, pulling the rail-gun free, magazine and all. It placed the weapon into it's chest's cargo bay and stepped onto the ship as it retreated into the sea, followed by the other walkers. Then they were gone, leaving the heroes in disbelief. Apollo cursed and punched the ground, Sakura ran to them only to witness the battleship sinking at it's dock in flames, Fist collapsed exhausted, and Sniper just strolled up to them, his rifle slung behind his shoulder as he spoke, "How strange," The others looked at him, "Cork Screw isn't usually so precise and focused," Sniper sat on some rubble and lit a cigarette. "What do you mean Sniper?" Apollo asked a little confused, as Sniper blew a cloud of smoke, "Where was his ranting? Or his usual flamboyance? Something is not right." They sat there a moment staring out to sea, He's right, Apollo thought, What's going on?