Sakura used her speed and ninja skills to get to Sector 5 unnoticed, she stopped at the corner of a wharehouse, and peered from her cover to the building where they set up the listening post. Three of the beetle like flyers buzzed around the building's entrance, the sound of gunfire meant a few were still alive. She pulled out a pair of blue stars, they beeped softly as she pulled them from there pouch, electricity sparked between the weapon's points as she spun them on her index fingers. She peered again round the corner to check her targets, still just three, and she toke a deep breath.
She tapped her comm with her palm, "Sakura here, at Sector 5, friendlies still engaging." Her comm chirped, "Acknowledged, you are free to engage."
"Rodger, engaging"

She moved quickly, throwing her primed stars at the left and right flyer, she dodged return fire with a leaping aerobatic move as she flung a third at the center drone. The first two hit the chassis, igniting an explosive plasma charge that punched a fair size hole in the drone sending them spinning to the ground, the center drone projected it's shield, the plasma-star hit the shield and exploded, sending a ripple, and a few sparks, as the shield overloaded and snapped off. However the drone was still able to track her with it's particle laser, the beam followed her like a blood red shadow, but she was able to duck behind a concrete barrier to catch her breath and ready two more plasma-stars. She'll wait to strike until the beam stopped to let the emitter cool, her heart pounding as she counted the seconds. Then after, what felt like an eternity, the humming drone of the beam eating at the concrete stopped, at the same moment she leap from her cover and flung the charged star right into the craft's optical sensor, the plasma charge blew turning the drone's front into glowing slag, it tumbled to the ground.

Sakura stood for a moment to catch her breath, then the high-pitched buzz of more flyers coming from a distance filled the air, she moved into the building where her skills will shine. She stayed to the shadows, always a hand in or near a pouch of plasma-stars, and one near her wakizashi (Japanese short sword) on her hip. Eventually she got to the source of the gunfire, she worked her way up a stack of large wooden crates, and peered out to the clearing where they setup the post. There were 3 marines left out of ten, they grabbed what they could, tables, crates, bodies even, and made a makeshift pillbox. Above them were dozens of the 3 foot beetle-like drones bombarding the morbid shelter with fire timed so there is always a beam attacking them. The beams, while powerful, create lots of heat instead of any real penatrating force, and the smell of burning laminate and burnt flesh from the "cooking" effects on the shealter was nearly unbearable.

Sakura picked up on the pattern, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, fire; each drone has 5 seconds between shots, she then assessed a route around the clearing mapping out points of attack that would give her the best angle to hit the right drone just as it lowered it's shields to fire, according to there firing sequence. She gave a 5 count, the drone nearest her hovered 12ft away, 5, she spun up two plasma-stars, 4, she lowered into a runner's stance, 3, her eyes darted around as she tracked the shots, 2, her first target's laser emitter glowed as it's capacitors charged, 1, the drone's shield glimmered blue as it dropped, zero, she flung a star into the nearest drone's emitter and it blew to bits, she ran in a arc around the marines, she sent a star into the next drone's stabilizer, sending it darting into the drone to it's left, both exploded, a crimson beam flung around, she ducked milliseconds before it decapitated her, the culprit drone tracked her now, she sent a star flying to her next planed target hitting it in it's optics, she leaped at the drone tracking her and in a single fluid motion unsheathed her blade and sliced it in two. Her disruption of the drones pattern allowed an opening for her to reach the pinned marines, she slid under another beam as she flung another plasma-star into the next drone on her hit list. She got her footing and made a run toward the marines, a beam from her right swept toward her, she fell into a judo-roll and dodged another beam that came inches from her, she flung another star sending another drone tumbling as she leaped through the pillbox opening, to the shock of the 3 stunned marines. She got to her feet and brushed some dust from her suit, the marines just gawked at her, "What?" Sakura asked a tad annoyed, a Sargent lowered his rifle, "What you looking at marines! Get back on the line!" the stern voice of there Sargent snapped them out of there amazement of her, and back to firing onto the drones. The Sargent did his best to salute in the small shelter, "Sargent Tomas Miller, at your service ma'am" Sakura nodded, "Thank you Sargent, but I'm here to assist you." He relaxed, "We can use anyone we can, if I may ask, how did you take those bogies out so quickly?" Sakura smiled, "I waited till there emitter charged, and the moment the shield glimmers a faint blue, that is when the drone lowers it's shield, now what's your plan on getting out of here Sargent?" He just shrugged, "The plan was to wait for a super to show up."
Sakura lowered her head, "This is going to be a long day."

To Be Continued...