Tania sat across from Director Tomas Sterling of Homeland Security smiling politely as she sipped her coffee,  the Director placed a briefing packet marked top secret on the polished redwood desk with a similar politeness. Director Sterling wasn't exactly friends with her, after the Mexico Incident she stole the political show with her swift action, to the ridicule of the dear Director, a point made evermore piercing by the fact the Congressional hearing heaped praise on her through out the painful 4 hour hearing. "Your looking lovely today Governor,"  he said with politically practiced sincerity. "You flatter me Director, let's forgo false pleasantries Tom. I'm aware you hold some resentment over the Mexico Incident, and I regret how the press handled the situation and your  unfortunate ridicule. Which I condemned publicly." He smiled more gentlemanly, "Sharp as always madam Governor, and yes I held some resentment however such things are behind me for a greater opportunity has arisen." Tania feint surprise, "Oh? What may that be?" she said reaching for the packet as he continued, "The President is forming a special military division  one which may benefit from a formal Airforce Intelligence Operative such as yourself." Tania smiled in genuine intrigue  "And what, pretell, is this special division's mission?" In preparation for her role as Shadow's plant, she was indeed an Intelligence Operative, and a damned good one with Shadow's training. "Too study and develop countermeasures to The Hero Alliance and on other supers." 

She purposely let her fake surprise show to the Director who saw the bemused and silent sarcasm, but he smiled, "Surly you already know this considering your training and contacts," he said as he lend back in his overstuffed leather chair. "I suspected some response to The Alliance's failure Director, but as you know my clearances aren't what they used to be," she speed read the briefing as Sterling replied, "A situation which I can change madam Governor " She looked up from a capabilities report of Zeus, "Depending on what Tom?" He turned serious, "On your involvement of course, despite our rivalries Tania, your trained and damned sharp as a razor, and frankly I need you for the program." Tania was truly shocked by his admission, "Tom, you know I support The Alliance, very publicly in fact." He looked her square in the eye, zero deception, "That's why I need you on the team, it would legitimize the program, and you can't say you don't have doubts on their ability to protect us." She closed the briefing folder, "Yes, I do have doubts, but  military action? Tom you can't seriously believe they're a threat, do you?" He turned his gaze to the folder, "No, but I also believe that if attacked they'll defend themselves. There's also a growing threat of anti-super terrorists stirring the pot, we intercepted a bomb plot just yesterday, their target was a local Alliance lesion office in New York PD H.Q." Tania looked skeptical, "I never heard of a botched attack." "Of course not, we're keeping it close to the chest, but hate and fear is infectious, as I'm sure you well know, Major was it?" She steeled, "Colonel, and it's former Colonel Director, evoking my patriotism in this way is hardly necessary nor appropriate, and very dangerous to your health."

Sterling put his up his hands in surrender, "I apologize madam Governor, but my point stands in regard to the Alliance." Her cold gaze bored into him, no more games and she let her real self leave a clear and lasting impression, "it stands" she said coolly, making even the agreement a cloaked threat before easing back into her politician persona, "I will join, if only to make sure you don't turn it sideways Director Sterling," He smiled a bit sheepishly, clearly he got the impression that she was very, very dangerous if crossed, "Excellent" he said with a healthy bit of caution. She gave a sweet smile which clearly disturbed him, "However if any operator dies because of your incompetence, I will know, and will systematically destroy your career Tom." She rose, warmly extended a hand as she placed the briefing folder under her arm with the other, "Good day Director." Sterling rose and awkwardly smiled as he took her hand in turn, "Good day madam Governor."