Apollo stood on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Freedom staring in the distance, he caught a break when an informant found someone who knew of Cork Screw's latest heist, and now waited for the mad scientist to arrive. Below him was Sakura, Fist, and Sniper, the only colleagues who could make it from the alliance, and several hundred soldiers in strategic positions. His communicator beeped and he tapped the small "A" shaped comm-badge on his chest, "Apollo"
"Section 5 sir, Cork Screw is approaching" said a young voice of a soldier, 'Section 5, that's west' he thought as he tapped the badge again, "What's his force?"
"12 large walkers, and what looks like several hundred small flyers."
"Hang tight Section 5, and keep en eye on them, do not engage. Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 shore up Sections 11, and 12. Sakura, Fist, Sniper, you get that?"

Sniper laid in his position atop a cargo crane, his custom sniper rifle at the ready, "Sniper acknowledged, moving to cover Sections 11 and 12."

Sakura stood in her attack stance, her signature pink ninja stars spinning in both her hands, "I got it, bring it on." Fist stood beside her, cracking his knuckles, "Let's do this." 

Apollo spotted the 2 story, humanoid walkers coming over a hill to the west, and clouds of beetle-like flyers buzzing around them like clouds of angry hornets. A line of tanks came from the north and began to fire, "Damn!" Apollo exclaimed as he tapped his badge, "Army tanks fall back! you can't handle this!" 
"Get off this frequency!" came the reply, Apollo swore under his breath, "This is Apollo of The Hero Alliance, Cork Screw designed those robots with weapons that are designed to destroy hardened bunkers, let alone tanks! You'll all get killed! Fall back!"
"I don't care if your the pope! We have orders to engage, and that is what we are going to do. Now get off this frequency!" the signal buzzed and cut off, Apollo tried again but got a high pitched wail before the comm-badge's software cut it off. "It's no use! They jammed the comms! We can't talk to anyone, I have sent runners to update them on what's happening!" Sakura yelled from below, Apollo swore again. 

The high-velocity shells flew toward the target, about 2oo yards from the walkers the flyers concentrated in front of the projectiles from the tanks and projected an energy shield which the round hit and exploded harmlessly, as the walkers continued without even a glance. A cloud of flyers veered from the rest and headed for the Abrams Tanks, the gunners fired the anti-personnel gun beside the main canon, and the top gunners let lose with their .50 caliber machine guns as the clouds approached them. The bullets bounced harmlessly off the flyer's shields, as the cloud of flyers divided to attack the first row, a few tanks fired the main gun into the attacking clouds, felling a few with shear kinetic energy, but it wasn't enough. The flyers fired, and concentrated their particle lasers in the small weak point between the turret and the rest of the vehicle, and the the first row exploded as the lasers melted through the rotation joint and into the rear where the ammo is stored, igniting 300lbs of high explosive shells.

Without missing a beat the flyers fired on the second, and third rows of tanks, destroying the entire armored company, along with the crews.  Apollo's badge chirped, indicating the jamming signal was gone as the flyer clouds reformed and rejoined the main force, but at the same time the towering walkers plowed through the barbed wire, and concrete fence, "Section 5, contact! They're everywhere!" gunfire in background, the poor boy's breath heavy on the mic, "Ahhhh....." Apollo tapped his comm,"Section 12, how is the EMP?" 
"Just about ready sir, 2 minutes!"
"Fist cover..."
"I'm on it, half way there"
"Sakura get to Section 5, and assist if possible."
"On it."
"Sniper give Section 12 your priority, but your a GO to hit any target of opportunity."
"Rodger that." A snap is heard as Sniper fired, his custom made rounds are designed to give off a plasma charge on impact, Apollo followed the momentary blue streak, and flash as it impacted a flyer cloud, dropping 30 or so. However it was only a pin prick to the hundreds swarming around the walkers.

Fist lumbered to the angular housing of the EMP and the techs hurrying to prepare it to fire. "How's it coming?" Fist asked in his gruff voice, a tech looked up, "Starting to charge it now, 30 seconds" said the tech as he pressed the last button, and the electromagnets began to spin with a jet like whine, Fist looked up as the giant walkers approached, there multiple eyes zipping around as the two man crew deep within directed the lumbering giant toward his position, "We might have a chance after all."

To Be Continued...