Phase 1 is going beautifully, and the News Networks are full of banter of how the mighty Hero Alliance lost 4 villains. Meanwhile my colleagues and I are working on putting the finishing touches on the base. We have just finished the installation of the communication and computer systems, and War Eagle has provided, what he called, his "best" hacker, a young woman called "NEO-G", she won't tell us her real name, but as long as she's loyal and is as good as advertised, I could care less if she wishes anonymity or not. Tho she is impressive, and has already tapped into several "secure" military and diplomatic channels, all civilian TV and Telcom satellites, as well as field comms for The Hero Alliance. So I can sit back, moniter troop movements, see where any hero is anywhere, and several HBO channels all at once. This is quite a day indeed.

Cork Screw is out to grab a Rail-Gun from the Navy, and is making quite a stir. I need it so our resident mad scientist can design our perimeter defense cannons, he could develop the tech on his own but he said; "But won't it be more fun to steal one?" He then grabbed a Kolola-Bot near by and giggled down the hall to his lab to suit-up. Between you and me, I couldn't help but smile when his back was turned. I do admire his spirit, he's completely insane, but he's never boring, and besides I rather have a psycho on my side than against me.

But I digress. Battle Phage is turning into quite a security chief, he has been training and organizing Eagle's troops into quite the elite force. He has been drilling them constantly and I'm very confident they could handle all but the most powerful super. There's a fire in his eyes, the kind one gets when you witness justice being served to your worst enemies, with a pick-axe, and a very dull one at that. He never questions any command, and follows orders with quick precision. Sun Tzu would be proud, and so am I. 
Soon the base will be complete and we can begin our work.