The hero is fatally flawed, a hero must follow rules, must cooperate with law enforcement, and are subject to the whims of the populous.   A villain however, isn't guided by any such rules, a villain ultimately seeks chaos to meet ones goal. The key is where and to whom the chaos is applied to. Shadow smiles as he watched the media frenzy and public backlash to Apollo's botched raid, one in which Shadow carefully orchestrated to achieve this very result.

Neo-G popped up a message onto Shadow's personal display, "A message from Tania sir." Shadow composed himself and tapped the accept button on his display. Tania's secure video line filled the display, "Report," Shadow said coolly, "Of course sir. The mission went well and an interesting request just showed up on my desk."  Tania replied in a similar tone, but with a subtle smirk, "I see, well go on then." 
"The Director of Homeland Security is requesting assistance on developing a division that deals with supers. Apparently the confidence in The Hero Alliance was more precarious then we've anticipated." Shadow smiled, "Indeed. The political and public support seems to be dissolving." Tania's smirk grew into an impish grin, "Yes sir, spectacularly so. How do you want me to proceed with the DHS request?" 

Shadow pondered for a moment, "By all means join them, I'll arrange someone special to come to your attention soon, and keep me informed. When this division is ready I'll have their first operation arranged." Tania nodded, "I will sir, Tania out." The screen returned to the news feeds as the secure line disconnected. Shadow sat back in his plush high-back chair with a smile on his face, "Excellent, this is quite a predicament The Alliance is in indeed."