Tania Hill sat engrossed with her prep-work for a Union rally the following morning. The tour-bus bounced and swayed as the city lights whizzed by, she glanced at her wrist watch, seeing it was 2:30am, she tried to wipe the fatigue from her face. It has been 6 months since Shadow sent her off to play Governor, and with her background and interest in political science, she figured it'll be a piece of cake. Just make some promises, kiss some babies, and use her "assets" and she could enjoy it. Right, so explain to me why it's so damn hard? she asked herself as she got up and trudged by her aid sleeping head first on paper work in the small dinette. Darcy Finch was a perky, wide eyed college grad who was far too enthusiastic, and clueless to Tania's true mission. Most of her staff was, which is why it's so  damned exhausting she mused as she undressed and changed into a old beat-up olive shirt and collapsed on the stiff twin bed.

She dreamed of wandering the streets as a young girl, clinging to what little warmth her holed and stained clothing could offer. She saw the man that showed the abandoned and starving girl kindness, without any distasteful act in return for payment, and the battle hardened trainer who taught her to fight, to kill if necessary, the only real family she ever known. She awoke to Darcy's surprised yelp, apathetically Tania rolled out of bed and slipped on some workout shorts. The morning sun shone through the bullet-proof Lexan windows, as Darcy rummaged through papers, "What is it now Darcy?" Tania asked ask she walked by her flustered aide to the compact fridge a grab an orange juice. Darcy pushed her glasses up the ridge of her nose, "I lost the speech I was writing for you!" she answered in an almost panic. "Just print out another one," Tania replied before she took a deep drink of the orange juice, "Well the thing is..." Darcy broke her eye contact and appeared embarrassed, "when I fell asleep I must've landed on the keyboard, and... well I must've, accidentally... deleted it." she finished sheepishly. Tania laughed, "Is that all?" Darcy gave a huff and turned a visible shade of red. "It's not funny!" she protested. "You know I never stick strictly to the speeches, I did my homework, and I know what I want to say, I'll just wing it." Tania said with a sly smile as she put a hand on the young girl's shoulders, "It's OK Darcy, really." With groan Darcy resigned and hung her head, she was still visibly tired, almost as much as her employer.

Tania stood in front of the tall mirror in her small cabin straightening and smoothing her causal suit, she smiled as she remembered a parable Phage told her in training. She just fell face-first in the cold Alaskan mud, she failed a recon exercise were she had to infiltrate and retrieve a envelope representing Intel. Her meeting with the mud came when a watchful guard tackled her. Phage ordered her to her feet and took her aside. "Have you heard of The Widow and Her Web?" he asked as she just replied with a bewildered look, "No sir, I haven't" she answered. "There was once a black widow who wanted a mate, 'I'll make a web so beautiful they can't help but to line up to be my mate' she said and so she weaved a wonderful web which glittered like a rainbow in the sun, but the male widows were unaccustomed to the colors and stayed away. Devastated the black widow tore down her beautiful web, 'I'll make a web no prey will escape! Then they're see how smart I am' she said and so she weaved a masterful web with many traps, the male widows were impressed, but none could find her because of how complex her web was. Frustrated the black widow tore down her web again, 'I give up!' she screamed. A while later she felt hungry so she made a simple web and as she waited for prey she attracted a male widow and he became her mate, until she ate him a while later." Tania started at her mentor, "So what does it mean sir?" Phage smiled, "If you try too hard you'll never get what you want, but do only what you need and you'll get your prey. You need to do less and think more, lure your prey with the simple and they won't doubt you. Use what you have to get your ends."

She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, not showing too much, but not too little. Darcy waited at the bus door, camera's flashed and news reporters with there cameramen crowded outside. "How do I look?" she asked Darcy, who smiled, "Killer!"
She smiled, 'Indeed I am' Tania thought as the doors swung open, Indeed I am.