Today I seek my first recruit, a rather cunning villain called "Talon" and according my contacts, he may be willing to join me. So I strolled the frost covered streets with a police scanner in my pocket, and ear buds in my ear. I wandered the west side until about 3:15pm when the dispatch called a 5-99 (Code for a Super Villain) about a block away. So I ducked into the alleys and up a fire escape to have a roof-top seat.

    Talon wasn't what I expected, he was thin and didn't seem as strong as my contact portrayed him, that was until a cop leap at him and Talon became a blur and in a blink of an eye the cop laid on the side-walk unconscious. I pulled out my camera and shot some high-speed footage of the next events. Upon reviewing the footage this is what happened:

    Cop 2 came from the side, Talon back stepped paused till the officer was             parallel to him, and struck with a precise blow to a nerve cluster just below the neck instantly paralyzing the officer who flopped to the ground, knocked out upon impact to the concrete, probably dead. Cop 3 fired his 9mm, Talon dodged the round by twisting backward and to the side, he got his footing and closed his distance, landing a blow to the cop's throat with one hand, and disarmed him with the other. Talon then threw a supersonic jab to the officers chest, shattering a rib or two no doubt, the cop passed out.

    He's efficient, precise, and fast, but most importantly he's in complete control. No flamboyant theatrics or gloating in his abilities. He's perfect. I quickly made my way to street level just in time for Talon to immobilize the last cop. I clapped as I exited the shadows and congratulated him on his skills. He was cautious of me of course, I introduce myself as "Shadow", it seemed appropriate for the way I approached him, plus I like the ring of it. I'll use the sudo-name, for now.

    With police sirens growing in the distance I grabbed a bank bag and the two of us retreated to a safe-house a couple blocks to the east, a small loft Talon setup for his heist, I like him already, I laid out the overview of my plan, and my intention of recruiting him as my 1st lieutenant. He was intrigued and we negotiated for some time, but in the end he joined my cause. He has many contacts in both the black-market and local super villain circles, expert tactician, not as good as me of course but ideal as a second-in-command, and that's the position I gave him. 

    I feel in time I'll confide in him, we share similar pasts, and brilliant minds think alike. With his help I narrowed down our next recruit. Need to pack for warm weather, Arizona isn't known for snow, but more of that in my next entry. But now I toast for my first victory!